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Who Uses Landscaping Estimates?

Landscaping estimates are essential for a wide range of professionals, including commercial and residential landscapers. Whether you're transforming a corporate campus into an oasis of greenery or meticulously designing a homeowner's dream garden, these templates offer the structure needed to provide accurate quotes and estimates.

Why Do I Need a Landscaping Estimate Template?

Most clients will want to see an estimate before you can begin a project and using a template is much easier than starting from scratch. It’s also easy to save and re-use with future projects. Some other reasons include: 

Better Organization

Creating an estimate can help keep your project on track, serving as a reference point to ensure nothing is overlooked and projects proceed seamlessly.

Payment Transparency

By letting clients know what to expect in terms of costs, you can avoid surprising them down the road, which creates goodwill and may even lead to repeat business. 


Providing clients with detailed estimates demonstrates professionalism and instills confidence in your landscaping services — in other words, it shows that you know what you’re doing.

What Information Belongs in a Landscaping Estimate

Most landscaping estimates have these key details:

Due Date: Specify a reasonable due date for acceptance of the estimate so you won’t have to chase down a client for a response. 

Logo: Incorporate your landscaping business's logo, and include your contact information and office hours.

Taxes: Add a reasonable estimate of any applicable taxes to avoid confusion down the road.

Line Items: Provide a detailed breakdown of all services and materials, including estimated quantities and costs.

Discounts: If offering any discounts or promotions, mention them explicitly in the estimate.

Labor Costs: Include labor costs, breaking them down by hours or specific tasks, to give clients a transparent view of project expenses.

How to Create a Landscaping Estimate

Creating a landscaping estimate is straightforward, whether you opt for downloadable templates or use online estimate generators like Invoice Candy:

1. Select a Template

Choose a template that aligns with your branding or design preferences.

2. Add Key Details

Input details specific to the project, including line items, costs, and acceptance due date.

3. Customize

Personalize the invoice with your logo, adjust fonts, and incorporate design elements to reflect your brand.

4. Send Online

If using an online estimate generator, you can easily send estimates to future clients via email. 

5. Download a Copy

If needed, download a copy of the estimate for your records or to provide a physical copy to the future client.

Providing clients with a clear estimate can help you plant seeds for successful projects, whether on a commercial scale or in the tranquil gardens of residential clients. And if you’re using a template to get started, they’re an easy way to show your professionalism and set expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Landscaping Estimate FAQ

A quote typically provides a fixed price for a project, while an estimate offers a rough calculation of potential costs. Estimates are often used when the final scope of work is not yet fully defined. Be careful with using the word quote on your estimate, because a client may hold you to the quoted price, despite higher than projected costs.

An estimate outlines projected costs before a project begins, while an invoice is issued after the work (or a portion of the work) is completed, specifying the actual charges.

To edit a downloaded landscaping estimate, open it in compatible editing software (e.g., Microsoft Word or Excel) and make the necessary changes. Save the edited file as a new document.

Online estimate generators, like InvoiceCandy, offer customizable professional templates, ensure accurate calculations, and provide the convenience of online payment options.

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