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What Is a Sales Receipt?

A sales receipt is a document provided to customers as evidence of their purchase. It outlines the details of the transaction, including the products or services bought, the total cost, taxes, payment method, and the date of the sale. Sales receipts are important for both businesses and customers because they provide an official record of a financial transaction — which comes in handy when you’re trying to calculate profits or do taxes. You can easily create sales receipts with a downloadable template or Invoice Candy's user-friendly online invoice generator.

Types of Sales Receipts

Some common types of sales receipts include:

Retail Sales Receipts: Issued by retail stores for the purchase of products.

Service Sales Receipts: Issued by service providers, such as repair shops or consultants, for services rendered.

Cash Sales Receipts: Issued when a customer paid in cash, documenting a transaction that would not show up in a bank statement.

Online Sales Receipts: Generated for online purchases, often sent via email.

Donation Receipts: Issued by nonprofits to donors to acknowledge contributions.

Rent Receipts: Issued to tenants as proof of rent payment.

What to Include in a Sales Receipt

Here are some key elements to include in a sales receipt.

1. Business Information: Include your business name, contact information, and logo.

2. Transaction Details: Specify the date of the sale and a unique receipt or invoice number for reference.

3. Customer Information: Include the customer's name and contact information.

4. Product or Service Description: Provide a detailed list of the items or services purchased, including quantities, prices, and any applicable discounts.

5. Subtotal: Calculate the subtotal by adding up the cost of all items or services before taxes.

6. Taxes: Clearly state any applicable sales taxes, if applicable, based on your location and business type.

7. Total Amount: Display the total amount due, which includes the subtotal and any taxes.

8. Payment Method: Indicate how the customer made the payment, whether it's cash, credit card, check, or other method.

How Do I Create a Sales Receipt for Free?

Creating a sales receipt for free is simple, using a downloadable template or an online invoice generator.

Downloadable Templates

You can find free sales receipt templates that can be downloaded and customized to suit your business. These templates can be editable PDFs, Word or Excel documents, or Google Sheets.

Online Invoice Generator

Invoice Candy offers a user-friendly online invoice generator that allows you to create and customize sales receipts effortlessly. Simply input your transaction details, add your logo, and a professional-looking sales receipt is ready to send. Invoice Candy also provides features for tracking and managing your sales transactions efficiently.


Whether you opt for downloadable templates or use an online invoice generator, like Invoice Candy, creating professional sales receipts is easy and can help you track your income and ensure transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sales Receipt Template FAQ

To edit a downloaded sales receipt template, open it in compatible editing software, such as Microsoft Word or Excel, and make the necessary modifications. Save the edited file for future use.

Online invoice generators, like InvoiceCandy, offer customizable professional templates, ensure accurate calculations, and provide the convenience of online payment options.

An invoice is a request for payment issued by a seller to a buyer, detailing the products or services provided and the amount due. In contrast, a receipt is proof of payment provided to the buyer after they have paid the invoice. Essentially, an invoice precedes payment, while a receipt follows it.

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