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Need a hard copy of your invoice? Download one of the printable invoice templates below or try the free online generator with over 100 different templates to choose from.

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The Key to Efficient Billing

An invoice is a formal request for payment, issued by a service provider (like a contractor or a business) to a customer after they’ve completed work. It details the products or services provided, the amount due, and the terms of payment. Invoices are crucial for maintaining financial records for both parties and are legally binding documents that can be used for bookkeeping and tax purposes. They serve not only as proof of sale but also help businesses track their income and can be a good source of documentation at tax time. 

Key Elements to Include in a Printable Invoice

Whether an invoice is printed or ends up living in the digital world, it should contain these key elements:

  • Your Logo: Incorporate your business or personal logo for a professional appearance.

  • Contact Information: Include your contact details as well as your customer’s.

  • Invoice Number: Create unique identifier for each invoice so it’s easier to track.

  • Date: The date the invoice was issued and the payment due date.

  • Line Items: A detailed list of services or products provided, including quantities, unit prices, and total prices.

  • Taxes: Applicable taxes, depending on the products or services sold.

  • Total Amount Due: The total amount that the client needs to pay, including all charges and taxes.

How Do I Create an Invoice?

Creating an invoice can be straightforward with the right tools:

Download a Printable Invoice

Choose from a variety of printable invoices available online which can be filled out manually or edited using software like Excel or Word.

Use Designed Templates

Platforms like Invoice Candy offer a range of professionally designed invoice templates that you can customize and use. These templates are tailored to meet different business needs and preferences, which means you can always tailor an invoice to your brand.

By using  Invoice Candy’s online invoicing tools and understanding how to effectively create and manage your invoices, you can streamline your billing process, improve cash flow, and maintain better relationships with your clients.

Benefits of Sending Invoices Online

The shift towards digital invoicing made it easier for businesses to bill their clients accurately and in a timely way. Sending invoices online offers several significant advantages:

  • Efficient Tracking: Everything is stored and organized digitally, making it easy to track payments and financial histories without searching through a filing cabinet.

  • Streamlined Communication: Instant electronic delivery speeds up the back-and-forth between clients, reducing the wait times associated with mail processing.

  • Online Payments: Integrations with payment gateways facilitate faster and more secure transactions directly from the invoice.

  • Convenience: Clients can easily download or print invoices for their records.

  • Better Branding: With hundreds of different online templates to choose from, businesses can ensure their invoices reflect their brand and meet their specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Printable Invoice Template FAQ

Ensure your payment terms are clear and communicated at the outset. Offering multiple payment options and sending timely reminders can also help you speed up the process.

Download the invoice in a format that suits you, such as Excel or Word. Then customize the invoice by adding key payment details, adjusting the layout, or modifying the content as needed.

Invoice Candy’s online generator simplifies invoice creation. All your invoices are organized online in one place, which makes it easy to manage billing and track payments. Plus Invoice Candy offers over 100 customizable templates to fit your unique brand.

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