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What Is an Excel Invoice?

An Excel invoice is simply an invoice created using Microsoft Excel, the classic data processing tool, synonymous with all things spreadsheets. Typically  these invoices are used by businesses to detail transactions, itemize services, and request payments from clients. Excel makes it easier to calculate totals and organize data so the invoices are easy to read.

Benefits to Using an Excel Invoice

While both Microsoft Excel and Word are popular for creating documents, Excel works better for numerical data because it has built-in functions that can generate automatic calculations of totals, taxes, and subtotals. The spreadsheet format is particularly useful for maintaining orderly records and handling complex billing scenarios. Excel's grid system also provides a structured way to align and organize detailed entries more effectively than creating a table in Word.

What to Include in an Excel Invoice

Your Excel-made invoice should include the same elements as any other invoice: 

  • Logo and Branding: Incorporate your company logo and branding for a professional look.

  • Contact Information: Include both your company's and the client’s contact details.

  • Invoice Number and Date: Unique invoice number and the date the invoice was issued.

  • Due Date: Clearly state when the payment is due.

  • Line Items: Detailed description of products or services, including quantity, unit price, and total cost.

  • Taxes and Discounts: Clearly state taxes and discounts where applicable.

  • Total Amount: The final amount due, including all additions and deductions.

  • Payment Terms: Include instructions for payment methods and terms.

How Do I Create an Excel Invoice?

You can create an invoice in Excel from scratch, but that usually takes longer. It’s much easier to download a premade Excel template or skip using Excel altogether by using an online invoice generator like Invoice Candy:

Download a Template

Many websites offer free Excel invoice templates that are ready to use and include all necessary fields with the ability to customize to your business. 

Use Invoice Candy’s Online Invoice Generator

For those who prefer a more streamlined and integrated solution, Invoice Candy provides an online invoice generator. This tool allows you to create, customize, and manage invoices directly through your web browser without having to buy a software package that includes Excel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Excel Invoice Template FAQ

Using an online invoice generator like Invoice Candy is a great alternative to creating an invoice in Excel. Aside from being more intuitive and convenient, it’s also free, unlike Excel, which you’ll need to purchase.

Yes, Invoice Candy's online invoice generator not only helps create invoices but also offers features to manage them. This includes tracking which invoices have been paid, sending reminders for overdue payments, and even receiving payments online.

Invoice Candy’s platform offers multiple benefits:

  • Efficiency: Create and send invoices directly online.

  • Get Paid Faster: Integration with payment gateways allows for quicker online payments.

  • Customization and Branding: Easily customize invoices to reflect your brand and connect with customers.

All that is to say, while Excel is a great tool for preparing invoices, it’s hard to beat the convenience and ease of online invoice generators.

  • Send online
  • Collect payment
  • Track activity
  • Client database
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