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What is a Freelance Invoice?

A freelance invoice is a formal document used to bill clients for services provided on a contract basis. It serves as a tangible record of the work performed, the associated costs, and the agreed-upon terms of payment. Freelancers from various fields, whether they are graphic designers, writers, architects, or gardeners, all rely on this essential tool to ensure they receive timely compensation for their hard work.

Why Should a Freelancer Use an Invoice?

Freelancers should use invoices as a means of professionalizing their financial transactions. Here's why:

Clear Payment Terms

Invoices provide a clear record of the services provided and the agreed-upon payment terms, reducing the chances of disputes and making it easier for freelancers to get paid for their work.

Professional Image

Using invoices conveys professionalism and reliability, building trust with clients and potentially leading to repeat business.

Legal Protection

Invoices can serve as legal evidence in case of disputes or discrepancies regarding payments.

What Are the Elements of a Freelance Invoice?

Though freelance invoices vary based on industry and the type of services provided, most will include these key elements:

  1. Client's Name and Contact Information: Clearly identify the client who will receive the invoice, including their name, address, and any relevant contact details.
  2. Invoice Number: Assign a unique invoice number to each invoice for easy tracking and reference.
  3. Date of Invoice: Specify the date on which the invoice was prepared. Depending on your client’s payment system, you may also want to include a due date.
  4. Itemized Description of Services: Provide a detailed description of each service rendered, including the scope of work, hours worked, or specific tasks completed.
  5. Amount Due: Clearly state the total amount due for the services, along with any reimbursable costs, taxes, or additional charges.
  6. Payment Terms: Outline the payment terms, including accepted payment methods.

How Can I Create a Freelance Invoice?

Creating a freelance invoice can be a straightforward process, thanks to downloadable templates or online invoice software like InvoiceCandy. Here's how to get started.

Select a Template

Choose an invoice template that suits your branding or preferences.

Fill Out Key Details

Add all the key details listed above, including client information, invoice number, description of services, amount due, and payment terms.


Personalize the invoice by adding your logo, adjusting fonts, and including any additional information relevant to the project.

Send Online

With online invoice software, you can send the invoice directly to your client electronically, streamlining the payment process.

Download a Copy

If needed, you can also download a copy of the freelance invoice for your records or to provide a physical copy to your client.

In summary, knowing how to create a professional invoice is a must for freelancers. Not only is it the easiest way to notify a client that payment is due, but it’s also a good way to stand out as a professional in your field. Using an online invoice template, like InvoiceCandy makes creating invoices a matter of minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Freelance Invoice Template FAQ

It depends on your arrangement with a client. Some clients prefer to pay bills monthly or every two weeks, while others may request that you bill them after completing the full project. 

To edit a Google Sheets template, open the template and make the necessary changes directly within Google Sheets. Save the edited template with a new name for future use.

If a client does not pay, follow up with polite reminders and consider discussing the matter with the client directly. If the issue persists, you may need to seek legal assistance or mediation.

Yes! Whether you’re freelancing on the side or work as a freelancer full-time, these freelance invoice templates will work great.

As a freelancer, it’s important to advocate for yourself by setting clear payment terms and sending reminders for overdue payments. It’s also a good idea to offer multiple payment options and maintain organized records of all invoices and transactions.

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