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What Is an Hourly Rate Invoice?

An hourly rate invoice is a record of hours worked and services provided, along with the amount due for time worked in a specified period. If you’re a freelancer or own a small business, you likely have clients who use an hourly rate to pay for your services, in which case you’ll need an hourly rate invoice.

How to Create an Hourly Rate Invoice

Creating an hourly rate invoice can be a straightforward process, whether you’re using downloadable templates or online invoice generators like Invoice Candy:

Select a Template

Choose a template that aligns with your branding or design preferences.

Add Key Details

Input details specific to your work, like descriptions of deliverables or services provided, hourly rates, number of hours worked, and amount due.


Personalize the invoice with your logo, adjust fonts, and incorporate design elements to reflect your brand.

Send Online

If using an online invoice generator, you can easily send invoices to future clients via email. 

Download a Copy

If needed, download a copy of the hourly invoice for your records or to provide a physical copy to the future client.

Items to Include in an Hourly Rate Invoice

Most hourly invoices have these key elements.

Description of Tasks: Provide a detailed breakdown of the tasks performed during each billable hour. Clarity in task descriptions ensures transparency and justifies the hours billed.

Hourly Rates: Specify the hourly rates for each type of work or service provided. This helps the client understand how you arrived at the total amount due.

Overtime: If applicable, detail any overtime hours worked and the corresponding rates. Overtime calculations may vary based on regional labor laws and agreements.

Reimbursable Expenses: Include any expenses incurred as part of the work if the client has agreed to reimburse you for certain materials ahead of time.

Methods of Accepting Payment: Clearly outline the accepted methods of payment, such as bank transfers, checks, or digital payment platforms.

In summary, hourly rate invoices ensure that every moment spent on a task is accounted for, so you can be compensated fairly. By embracing customization and leveraging online tools like Invoice Candy, you can streamline your billing process, ensure accurate billing amounts, and ensure transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hourly Rate Invoice Template FAQ

To edit a downloaded hourly rate invoice, open it in compatible editing software (e.g., Microsoft Word or Excel) and make the necessary changes. Save the edited file as a new document.

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