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What Is a Price Quote?

A price quote is a document that outlines the cost of goods or services to a potential client. This document acts as a preliminary offer, allowing clients to review and consider the proposed terms and prices before committing to a project with you. Keep in mind the quotes are usually considered legally binding documents (unlike price estimates), and once you quote a client with a price, you’re expected to invoice the same amount once the project is done.

When Should I Send a Quote Versus an Invoice to a Client?

Price quotes are typically sent to clients first, when the terms and pricing are under discussion. Once the client agrees to the quote and the service or goods are provided, you should invoice the client for the quoted price. Invoice Candy's Estimate Generator simplifies the process of creating professional quotes as well as invoices, so you won’t have to start from scratch.

What Should I Include in a Price Quote?

Most price quotes include these elements.

  • Expiration Date: Specify the date for how long the quote is valid, to prevent misunderstandings and give clients a reasonable deadline to make a decision.
  • Logo: Include your company's logo to convey professionalism and brand identity.
  • Taxes: Clearly outline any applicable taxes to provide a transparent view of the total cost.
  • Line Items: Detail the products or services offered, including descriptions and costs.
  • Discounts: If applicable, explain any discounts or incentives you’re choosing to offer to clients.
  • Space for Signatures: Both you and the client will need to sign the price quote in order for it to be legally binding.

How Can I Create a Quote with Invoice Candy?

Generating quotes with Invoice Candy is a straightforward process:

Select a Template

Choose a template that suits your branding or preferences.

Fill Out Key Details

Add all the key details listed above, including the line items for good or services being offered, any taxes and fees, as well as the total cost.


Personalize the invoice by adding your logo, adjusting fonts, and including any additional information relevant to the project.

Send Online

With online quote and invoice software, you can send the price quote directly to potential clients electronically.

Download a Copy

If needed, you can also download a copy of the price quote for your records or to provide a physical copy to your clients.

A well-crafted price quote shields small businesses from ambiguity and empowers clients to make informed decisions. With the assistance of tools like Invoice Candy's online estimate generator, creating and managing quotes becomes a breeze, paving the way for successful projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quote Template FAQ

To edit a downloaded quote template, open it in compatible editing software (e.g., Microsoft Word or Excel) and make the necessary modifications. Save the edited file as a new document.

Utilizing an online quote generator like Invoice Candy streamlines your admin processes, makes you look more polished, and improves accuracy with automatic calculations. Digital price quotes are also easier to store and track, which makes them a great reference point for future projects.

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