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A rental invoice should be straightforward and to the point, offering the tenant a clear picture of what is owed. Download one of our basic or premium invoice templates and tailor it to your property’s unique needs, or use our complimentary online invoice generator for hassle-free delivery.

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What is a Rent Invoice? 


A landlord provides a tenant with a rent invoice that outlines the amount of rent due for a specific period of time. Unlike a rent receipt that confirms that the rent already has been paid, a rent invoice informs the tenant that a payment due date is upcoming. Rent invoices serve as a formal record of rent payments and help both parties keep track of financial transactions related to a rental agreement. 

What Should A Rent Invoice Include? 


A standard rent invoice should include the amount owed and the due date for payment. However, you may want to include additional information to help you keep more comprehensive records, such as: 


Invoice number: Assign a unique identifier to each invoice for tracking purposes. 

Invoice date: Specify the date you generated the invoice. 

Rental period: Include the period for which the rent payment applies. 

Payment method: Provide details on what payment methods you accept (check, credit card, Paypal, etc.). 

Late fees or penalties: Outline any late payment fees or penalties for delayed rent payments. 


If the rent invoice is the final invoice you are sending the tenant, and you have discovered property damages, include a separate line item that outlines the cost for repairs. You can also include a separate line item that shows how any security or pet deposits were applied to either repairs on the final balance on the account. 

How Do I Create a Rental Invoice? 

Creating a rental invoice is a breeze, thanks to Invoice Candy’s online invoice generator. Here’s how: 


1: Choose a template. Select a rental invoice template that meets your needs and format, such as PDF, Word, Excel or Google Sheets. You can also use Invoice Candy’s online invoice generator, which offers a user-friendly interface. 

2: Fill in the details. Input information about the amount owed, due date for payment, and any additional information. 

3: Customize. If you run a property management company, you can personalize the invoice by adding your logo, adjusting fonts, and including any extra details relevant to your properties. 

4: Send online. Once your invoice is ready, you can send it electronically to your tenant directly from the platform. 

5: Download a copy. If needed, you can easily download a copy of the rental invoice for your records or to provide a physical copy to your tenant. 


Rent invoices play an important role in how you manage your properties, ensuring that rent collection remains organized and transparent. Using a tool like Invoice Candy’s online invoice generator can streamline the process, expedite payments, and ensure your financial dealings are organized and hassle-free. 


Why Use Invoice Candy’s Invoices for Collecting Rent?

Invoice Candy’s offers an easy solution to generating invoices for the properties you manage. Here are some ways you can benefit from using Invoice Candy’s invoices for collecting rent: 

Easy to Use 

Invoice Candy’s user-friendly platform allows you to effortlessly create and send invoices, streamlining your rent collection process.  

Better Tenant Management 

Keep track of all your tenants’ invoices in one place, allowing you to track payments and due dates. 

Convenient Online Payment 

Send invoices and collect rent payments through the platform, providing tenants with a convenient and secure way to pay. 

Online Storage, No Paperwork

Store all your rent invoices online, eliminating the hassle of physical paperwork and ensuring easy access to tenant records. 

Customization to Reflect Your Brand 

Customize your rent invoices using Invoice Candy’s platform to reflect your property management brand. This not only enhances the professional look of your business, but also strengthens your relationship with tenants by providing clear and branded communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rental Invoice Template FAQ

Absolutely! Property management companies of any size, even if you only own one piece of property, can benefit from using this rental invoice template each time payment is due.  

No! This invoice can be used to rent tools and equipment, costumes, furniture or even space for an event.

You can edit your downloaded rental invoice by using software like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Using these programs, you can modify the template to suit your needs.

You can edit a Google Sheets template for rental invoices by opening the template in Google Sheets, customizing the document and saving the modified document. 

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