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Our customizable Word invoice template is easy to use and helps you create an invoice tailored to your needs. Download one of our basic invoice templates, or use our complimentary online invoice generator for hassle-free delivery.

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Why Use a Word Invoice Template?

Using Microsoft Word to create invoices combines familiarity with flexibility. You’ve likely used Word at one point in your personal or professional life, making it a user-friendly choice for generating invoices without a steep learning curve that some design programs require. 

Our Word invoice templates allow you to easily customize layout and design, while incorporating elements like logos, fonts, and colors to align with your brand’s identity. Our updated software also supports a variety of content formats, allowing you to include elements like tables, date pickers and text boxes to enhance the appearance of your invoices.

What are Some Types of Word Invoices?

An invoice’s design often reflects how your business charges for its services or products. Here are a few common types of Word invoices:

  • Hourly Invoices: Freelancers and contractors who charge an hourly rate use this type of invoice, billing for time spent on a project.

  • Lump Sum Invoices: Often used in construction and contracting, a lump sum invoice includes a single fixed price charged for the entire project.

  • Time and Materials Invoices: These invoices bill clients for the direct labor hours at a specified rate, plus the cost of materials and equipment used.

  • Progress Invoices: For long-term projects, progress invoices allow for billing in stages as certain milestones are completed. This facilitates continuous cash flow.

  • Recurring Invoices: Businesses that offer subscription-based services or products frequently use recurring invoices, which are sent to customers on a regular schedule.

One of the most popular types of Word invoices is a service invoice. Professionals like consultants, designers and freelancers often use this style of invoice if they charge based on time spent on services or a project’s completion. A service invoice usually specifies the nature of the work done, the hourly rate or project fee, and the total cost, helping clients understand the breakdown of the bill.

What Should an Invoice Include?

A typical invoice includes the total amount owed and the due date for payment. However, a well-structured Word invoice often includes additional elements to ensure it is effective and professional, including:

  • Invoice number: Assign a unique identifier to each invoice for tracking purposes.

  • Invoice date: Specify the date you generated the invoice.

  • Contact information: Include your company’s name, address, phone number and an email address so that a client can reach out to you with any questions or concerns.

  • Customer’s information: If the customer is an individual, you can include basic information like name, address and phone number. If your client is another business, make sure you include the business name and contact information.

  • An itemized list of goods or services: Include quantities of these items, as well as their individual costs.

  • Payment method: Provide details on what payment methods you accept (check, credit card, Paypal, etc.).

  • Late fees or penalties: Outline any late payment fees or penalties for delayed payments.

If you are creating an invoice to send to a business, you may need to include the customer’s tax identification number for tax purposes.

How Do I Create a Word Invoice?

Creating invoices and getting paid faster has never been easier. You have two options through Invoice Candy’s easy-to-use platform: Downloadable templates and our online invoice generator.

Downloadable Word Invoice Templates

Invoice Candy offers a variety of ready-to-use free invoice templates that are available for download. You may customize the invoice template to meet your needs by opening it in Word and making adjustments to meet your needs. Add your logo, update the contact information, modify the line items and ensure the tax calculations are correct.

Invoice Candy’s Online Invoice Generator

Our user-friendly online invoice generator helps you create, customize and manage Word invoices effortlessly. Select from a variety of our professionally designed invoice templates and input your information, add your logo, choose fonts and personalize your color palette to create an invoice that reflects your branding and your company’s billing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Word Invoice Template FAQ

Yes. It’s important to always include an invoice number so that you can track any invoices you send out, as well as payments that come back. Details like including an invoice number can make a difference in how efficiently you manage your accounts receivable.

After downloading your chosen Word template, open it in Microsoft Word. You can then customize it by adding your business details, changing fonts and colors, inserting line items, including payment directions, and updating tax calculations. Save your customized invoice on your computer, print it for your records, or attach it to an email to send to your client.

Using an online Word invoice generator like Invoice Candy offers several advantages, including access to professional templates, the ability to customize based on your needs, error prevention and time-saving features. You also have the ability to track payments online and send invoices directly from the platform.

To expedite online payments, make sure your invoices are clear and concise. Set reasonable payment terms, send timely reminders for overdue payments, and provide multiple payment options.

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